Don't listen to us, listen to our students.

"I was a regular at Livewire PBall clinics this year. The combination ofdrilling and round robin play helped sharpen my game and build my confidence. Dylan and Jamison offered both general instruction and personalized advice in an encouraging, friendly, and always fun environment. If you're looking for focused training from two great instructors, and games with other movitvated players at your level, I highly recommend Livewire clinics."

                                                                            -Cindy Pearson | Boise, ID

"Just wanted to provide some input regarding the quality of pickleball lessons and clinics from Both Jamison and Dylan are knowledgeable, patient and very understanding. They teach court positioning, strategy, proper technique and manage to keep the fun in everything they do. They have always been punctual with their scheduling and reliable. They truly provide a fun environment to learn all the aspects of the game and we would highly recommend them!"

                                                                    - Charlie and Jenny Kouba | Eagle, ID

"Dylan and Jamison do a great job at teaching fundamentals and getting you excited about pickleball. Thanks for organizing the clinics, leagues, and round robin sessions! 5 stars. "

                                                                               - Michael DeMange

"Livewire Pickleball should be one of your first calls if you’re looking to improve your Pickleball skills or just learn the foundations of Pickleball properly. I’ve taken private lessons, group lessons and taken many clinics.  Every time I work with a Livewire Instructor I leave the court feeling like I have made progress with my game. The instructors are patient, kind, fun and they know how to teach in a way that makes sense. Livewire has definitely been a large contributor in the quick progress I have made with my Pickleball skills.  Thank You Livewire.  I’m already looking forward to our next session!"

                                                                                -Katrina Wehr | Eagle, ID

" I've had the privilege of working with an extraordinary pickleball coach from Livewire, and I can confidently say that his coaching has transformed my game. Dylan can uniquely tailor his instruction to individual needs, whether you're looking to refine specific shots or improve overall gameplay. I've benefited immensely from both individual lessons and group drills organized by Livewire, all of which have been instrumental in my development as a player.

Livewire's dedication to their students' success goes beyond just teaching; they instill confidence, nurture a passion for the sport, and provide valuable insights into pickleball strategy. Thanks to Livewire, I've improved my shot accuracy and consistency and gained a deeper understanding of the game. If you're serious about taking your pickleball game to the next level, I highly recommend Livewire coaching – it's truly a game-changer! "

                                                               - Jonathan Brendefur | Boise, ID